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Cabin / Camp / Camper Alarm Kit  PN 30001B
Plus NYS Tax if Applicable
Shed Alarm Kit PN 30003
Plus NYS Tax if Applicable
Options and Additional Items
(Be Sure to Order Extra Keys Now --- Order Below)

Outside Siren 30W (120db) Dual Tone
PN 10033
Only $34.00

Mini Siren, 110db
PN 10035M
Only $16.00

Outside Siren 20W (110 db) Dual Tone
PN 10099
Only $26.00

Steel Siren Box for 10033 (Above)
Helps conceal and protect your siren
Not Available

Strobe Light Red w/Gasket
PN 10006
Only $32.00
Standard Magnetic Door Switch For Small Gaps 1/2" to 1"
Select the color you require (White or Brown)
>>Note: Magnetic Metal Surfaces will Minimize the Allowable Gap<<
PN 10034
Only $11.00
Magnetic Door Switch Wide Gap (Best for Metal or Loose Fitting Doors)
Select the color you require (White or Brown)
>>Gap 1-1/8" on Magnetic Metal Surfaces, 3" Gap on Non-Magnetic Surfaces<<
PN 10034A
Only $18.00
Magnetic Heavy Duty Drop Ramp Switch w/ 18" Armor Cable, 2" Gap
(Metal Switch Mounts to Ramp.  Magnet bracket is Adjustable)
PN 10034G
Only $28.00
Locking Control Box with 2 Keys & Alarm System Control Board
(Integrated Battery Check Meter)
PN 20032
Only $139.00
Replacement Alarm System Control Box Circuit Board
(with Integrated Battery Check Meter)
PN 20022
Only $110.00
Replacement Arm / Disarm Key Lock Switch Box with 2 Keys
(Typically For Cabin or Shed Alarm Kits)
PN 20026
Only $30.00
Key Switch (Arm / Disarm) with 2 Keys
For All Systems
PN 10026
Only $24.00
Replacement / Spare Keys for the Arm / Disarm Switch
Please order Spare Keys when you order your kit or switch.   If you are ordering
replacement keys you will need to provide the 3 or 4-Digit Code from your keys in
the box below.
PN SP0026     Only $7.50 / Key
Provide Code for Replacement
In-Line Fuse Holder w/ 7 Amp Fuse
PN 10005 / 10052
Only $10.00
7 Amp Fuse 3AG 32V (Package of 5)
PN 10052/5
Only $9.00
Speaker Wire Cut Lengths
Choose 100 feet of 24 AWG - PN 10022
or 50 feet of 18 AWG - PN 10023
$28.00 / Roll
Choose Wire Size
Cable - 18 AWG w / Red and Black Wires
(50 foot cut roll)
PN 10024
Only $39.00 / Roll
Cabin Alarm Upgrade -Inside Arm/Disarm Switch w/Internal Siren Cutoff
--This upgrade can be added to the Cabin Alarm Kit--
(The internal siren will be cutoff when the Cabin Alarm is armed from the inside with
this switch.   Manual and 25' of 24 & 18 AWG Speaker Wire Included)
PN 30004
Only $47.00
Solar Trickle Charger for 12V Batteries (5 Watt Max.)
Weatherproof, with built in Diodes to Protect Discharge at Night
Included 10Ft of Wire, 4 Mounting Screws, Battery Clamps and CLA Adapter
PN 10071
Only $109.00
Motion Detector (Compatible with the Cabin or Shed Alarm)
Form C Relay, Dual Slope Temperature Compensation.
Note: This device will draw current and a Trickle Charger is recommended for your battery.
PN 10072
Only $80.00
Trailer Alarm Kit  PN 30002
(Door Switches Not Included in Price)
Plus NYS Tax if Applicable

Steel Siren Box for 10099 (Above)
Helps conceal and protect your siren
PN 10031A
Only $31.000
Replacement Arm / Disarm Key Lock Switch w/ Snap Cover and 2 Keys
Typically For Trailer Alarm Kits  (Replacement)
PN 10026A
Only $33.00
Snap Cover for Arm / Disarm Key Lock Switch
For All Systems (Replacement or Upgrade)
PN 10065
Only $10.00

Red LED Mini Strobe (Long Life)
PN 10006L
Only $36.00

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