by Sun Wind and Wire LLC

Here are some security tips you should know if you own a cabin:   

  • Install gates at all entrances and lock them up.  Post no trespassing signs at all entrances
    and along all property lines.   

  • Get to know the local residents and ask them to keep an eye on your cabin / camp when
    you are away.  Give them keys to your gates and offer them use of your property in return
    like allowing them to cut hay, cut wood, or hunt.   

  • Give your cabin / camp the appearance that someone is around.  Leave an unused
    vehicle in the driveway to give the impression that you are there.  Leave a radio and light
    on in the cabin if you have power.   

  • Talk to the local Sheriff and local conservation law enforcement officer in your area.
They can help keep tabs on your property.  

  • Don’t leave guns in your cabin and if you can’t replace it, take it home with you.  
If you do leave valuables, put them out of sight and lock them up for sure.

  • Photograph valuable items and keep the photos in a safe place.  Record all serial
    numbers and put distinguishing marks on the items.  Never leave receipts for items
    purchased or personal documents in your camp / cabin.   

  • Keep good insurance on your property.  Some homeowner’s policies cover your
    belongings at your camp, but not all.  Make sure your valuable items such as ATV’s,
    boats, mowers and tractors are covered.

  • Store generators, ATV’s, tractors, mowers, boats, or other high priced equipment inside
    and out of sight.  Secure them individually to concrete with heavy chains and strong locks.

  • Don’t leave tools around that help with a break-in.  Many burglars are opportunists and will
    use item’s available.  Lock up tools like bolt cutters, screwdrivers, hatches, axes,
    hammers, and sledgehammers.

  • Keep keys to outbuildings, gates, ATVs, or other vehicles hidden or with you.  If a burglar
    breaks into your cabin / camp, don’t provide them additional access.

  • Contact the local authorities immediately if a break-in has occurred.  Stay clear of the
    crime scene until they arrive.  You might destroy critical evidence.   

  • Install a Cabin Alarm System to drive intruders out and away from your property.  Burglars
    don’t like loud sirens and most will leave the area immediately.  You or your neighbor is
    the last person they want to meet. is owned and operated by Sun Wind and Wire LLC., 3 Frink Ave. Jamestown NY. 14701 ph 716-665-4692