Unique Features of this Trailer Alarm Security System!

Uses for the Trailer Alarm Kit:  The Trailer Alarm Security System Kit is designed to be installed in trailer
used to haul  4-wheelers, motorcycles, tools, snow mobiles, bikes, autos, etc.

Operation of the Trailer Alarm Kit: This Trailer Alarm System is armed and disarmed from outside using a
key switch.  There is no delay timer and the alarm will go off instantly if a door is opened.   This prevents
an intruder from tampering with the system before it goes off.

The Trailer Alarm is designed to set off a 110 db Outside Siren and a 110db Inside Mini Siren for the
selected time you set if a trailer door is opened.  A Red Strobe Light will flash indefinitely until the Trailer
Alarm Security System is reset.

Zero Current Draw:  This Trailer Alarm Security System Kit was designed to draw NO CURRENT when  
armed.  Other Alarm Systems have parasitic current leaks that will eventually drain your batteries DEAD.   
A well maintained and fully charged 12V heavy duty deep cycle battery should hold it's charge for months,
possibly even a year before requiring maintenance and a recharge.  

Easy to Install: Each Trailer Alarm Kit comes with Complete and Easy to follow Instructions.

Expandable: This Trailer Alarm System can be customized and expanded.  You can add more sirens,
flashing strobes,  trigger mats, etc.  You can add just about any device that runs on a 12V DC battery to this
Trailer Alarm System.

Customizable: This Trailer Alarm System can be customized to fit your trailer.  
Various door switches are sold separately and you need to choose the type you need for your trailer.
Plenty of Cable and Wires
25ft of 18 gage Cable w/Red and Black Wires
25ft of 18 gage Speaker Wire
25ft of 24 gage Speaker Wire  

Instruction Booklet
Complete, easy to follow instructions with pictures and diagrams.

Miscellaneous Items
Tie Wraps,  Self-Adhesive Tie Wrap Mounts,  Wire Nuts,  In-Line Fuse and Holder.

Additional Parts you’ll need to buy (the finer print of course)

12V Battery -
You need to buy an All Purpose Lawn & Garden 12V DC Battery (minimum for system operation)
or for better performance a 12V Deep Cycle Marine Battery.

Battery Box - Most battery manufacturers recommend a small-ventilated Plastic or Wooden Box to hold the battery.

Battery Connection Hardware - You’ll need hardware and wire terminals to connect the wiring and fuse to the
battery terminals.

Misc. Hardware - You will require fasteners, clips, and mounting hardware for your specific application.
Trailer Alarm Security System Kit
Part Number 30002
Plus NYS Tax if Applicable
Here's what we provided with the
Trailer Alarm Security System Kit

Loud 110 db Siren
One loud Outside 20 - Watt 110 db (Dual Tone)Siren.  Add more to your
Trailer Alarm System if you like.

Red Strobe Light
One bright Outside Red Strobe Light.

Loud Mini 110db Siren
Size doesn't matter when it comes to this little guy.  
Install inside your shed to add some pain to your system.

Alarm Control Box
Locking Control Box housing the Control Board which comes with the Battery
Check Meter, Siren Timer, and two Keys.

Switch with Snap Cover and Two Keys
Arming Switch with two Keys and Snap Cover for protection.  Extra keys can be
requested at a minimal cost.
Control Board
Trailer Alarm Security System Kit Features

The Trailer Alarm Security System Control Box comes
with a Battery Check Feature.

Simply press the Button marked “Battery Check” and the LED Indicator
meter lights up according to your battery voltage.  This helps you monitor
the voltage level of your battery without having to carry around a volt meter.

The Trailer Alarm Security System can be set to
operate from 1 to about 136 minutes

Set one of the Timer Setting “DIP Switches" to the desired time
setting listed to the right.  The alarm will stop around the desired
time.  A separate Constant Output can be used to power a strobe or
other device until someone resets the Alarm or the batteries run out
of power
This Alarm System is designed to operate in Storage Trailers and various types of storage units.  
It is not intended for full time residence with power available.

The proper use and installation of this system is the responsibility of the owner/installer.

This Alarm System is designed to discourage illegal entry and to help drive trespassers away from
your property but cannot guarantee your property to be safe and secure from all robberies and break-in possibilities.
This system should be only considered one part of a defensive plan to protect and secure your property.

This product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of
purchase.   We will at our option repair, replace, or reimburse the value of the warranted part/s that fails to meet this

Any and all liabilities other than warranty components are the sole responsibility of the owner/installer.

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