Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about our Cabin, Shed and Trailer Alarm
 (Part Numbers 30001, 30002 and 30003)

Question - Will the alarm automatically reset after it has been activated?

Answer - No.  If someone leaves a door or window open after a break-in it's pretty much unsecured and resetting itself is
a mute point.  People have pointed out that car alarms reset but it would be the same if someone smashed the car window
out or left a car door open.  It really isn't secured anymore and it's always important to check on your car and on your
property often.  If you don't...that works in favor of the crooks.

In addition; it's important to reset the system using the key switch after a break-in.  The system is in an active alarm state
and if the battery still has power it will most likely go off again if someone tampers with the doors or windows with magnetic
switches installed.

Question - I do have power at my camp.  Can I run this alarm system off 120V AC power.

Answer - Not directly.  This is a 12V DC (battery) powered system only.   If you want to run off 120V AC power you'll
need to purchase a 12V DC power supply capable of providing 7 Amps of DC current.  I do have some available for
purchase but you should contact me if you are interested.

You can also simply use a 12V DC battery and install a 120V AC power battery maintainer.  You'll get the benefit of a
battery backed up system and your battery should stay in good shape for quite a while.

Question - Do you recommend motion detectors over magnetic door switches?

Answer - No.  Door and window switches are the most dependable and they aren't as likely to give false alarms and they
also don't draw power from the battery.  Any motion detector can mistake environmental abnormalities as a break-in
(lightning is a big one).  They scan the area looking for motion or heat signatures and they can mistakenly pick these inputs
up as an intruder.  If you have a remote property you really don't want false alarms so I suggest using magnetic switches
unless you have no other choice.  The best thing to do would be to check your property often.

In addition; the Motion detectors take away the "no power draw when armed" feature of the standard system.  These
detectors do draw some power so you do need to add either a solar trickle charger or add a 120V powered battery
maintainer.  If you don't you will need to check and recharge your batteries on a very regular basis.  

Question - Does this system have a delay on entry or exit?

Answer - No. The system is armed with the key switch that's installed outside and it is active as soon as you turn the key
to the Armed state.  It also sounds as soon as it detects a break-in.  This design doesn't give the intruder time to wander
around inside after they've broken in.  The instant effect is to shock, scare and intimidate the crooks when they've
committed the act of breaking in and it's intent is to drive them out and away from your property.

Question - How long can I expect my battery to last while powering the standard alarm system?

Answer - It should last a year at least if it's a new fully charged battery.  The alarm system uses zero power when armed
so the battery should last as long as any battery being stored on a shelf.  Any battery will eventually go dead on its own but
it won't go dead because of the system unless the alarm has been activated.  I suggest checking the battery often and
recharging when needed.    If you decide to use the battery for other things like powering lights or an AC inverter I would
suggest adding a few solar panels with a charger controller to the battery bank.

Question - Can I add glass breakage switches or pressure mats?

Answer - Yes..but them must have normally open contacts (i.e. The contacts that are open when the system is armed).  I
don't offer a glass breakage switch but I know they can be difficult to calibrate and sometimes they just don't work.  They
literally listen for the noises from broken glass and they should be checked with a glass breakage simulator.  You can
understand the difficulty here and false alarms are a potential problem.

One thing I should mention is that broken glass is dangerous so it's not the best entry method and if you install a switch on
the window frames you will get some protection when the window is opened.

You can also purchase pressure mats on-line from other sources but they must also have normally open contacts.  These
can be rather expensive but they can be used as a secondary activation device inside a property.

Question - Why don't magnetics switches come automatically with the Trailer Kits?

Answer - Trailers have various types of doors so I have to leave the selection up to the customer.  When ordering you
need to select from the switch types further down the page as instructed on the purchasing page.  The choices are
explained to help you out.   The price of the system has been adjusted slightly to make up for the omission of switches from
a Shed Kit for example which is very similar to a trailer kit.

Question - Can I buy my own magnetic switches locally?

Answer - Yes you can but they must be Normally Open or at least Form "C" (which have both normally open and
normally closed contacts).  If you don't get the correct type of switches the alarm will always sound when armed.  Most
systems used normally closed contacts and these system draw power at all times by design and they don't work well for
remote properties that run on batteries.

Question - Can I add a calling feature to notify me or the police of a break-in?

Answer - Yes, but it's not something I offer at this time.  There are companies out there that say their systems can be
interfaced to activate from many security systems.  One such system can be seen at the following link:   A few customers have used their systems with ours but they did note that there were some fees
associated with the system and I don't believe the systems call the police directly.  I should also note that I cannot warranty
the interfacing to these systems. is owned and operated by Sun Wind and Wire LLC., 3 Frink Ave. Jamestown NY. 14701 ph 716-665-4692